„The essence of heroism is self-trust” (Emerson)

I am familiar with the feeling of being a foreigner / Expat in another country.
I used to live in Hong-Kong as well as in England.

If you are looking for alternative, holistic treatment or advice on your physical or psychological issues, diet, etc.  – please contact me.

Homeopathy & further therapies can help you to live up to your potential and to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life.

I do have flexible appointments, please feel free to contact me on my mobile +49 160 71 42 300 whenever convenient for you.

I am a Heilpraktiker and trained in the following therapies:

  • Homeopathy – classic and acute
  • Phytotherapy
  • Orthomolecular Therapy (Minerals & Vitamins) & Tissue salts
  • Energetic Treatments
  • and others

I am looking forward to meeting you!